Oelfier den Haselaar is a seasoned expert in Energy Market Structure. Before starting InnovationMatters, he was head of the NEDU Knowledge Centre where he played a key role in designing and developing the current model for information exchange in the Dutch energy sector. Together with a team of programmers, he participated in the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018.


Oelfier’s knowledge of the GDPR, Energy Market Structure and Process Design enabled the team to build a working prototype (d-VAULT) that anonymizes high resolution smart meter data in such a way that it can be made available for the core processes of the market (fully GDPR compliant). The availability of this high resolution data is essential for speeding up the energy transition.


The IOTA Tangle was used because of it’s decentralized properties, which enables peer-to- peer validation, authentication and encryption. We chose it over other distributed ledgers because of it’s scalability, absence of transaction cost and limited power use.

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