Nikita Ngan Nguyen is a quality-driven leader with 12 years of experience in fundraising, customer acquisition, and executive management in international companies.

As the Co-founder and Chief of Business of Ekoios Technology, she is in charge of business development strategy and implementation. Within 5 years, Ekoios has grown to 150+ employees and become Vietnam’s leading blockchain & AI development company. Especially in 2021, the company recorded a 182% revenue growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Nikita is also the Co-founder and CEO of NFTify, the #1 no-code solution to build NFT Marketplaces. Only 10 months after the launch in July 2021, NFTify has reached impressive numbers of 11,000+ users and 300,000+ listed NFTs.

With her broad and comprehensive knowledge of business and technology, especially in Japan and US markets, Nikita has been working with a broad client base from various industries including Finance, Manufacturing, Automotive, etc. helping them save millions of operating and development costs each year. She is also an esteemed leader in the blockchain and startup spaces, as she got invited to be the key speaker at some of the biggest stages namely: NFT.NYC, NFT Con, DCentral, and Consensus