Maryam Taghiyeva – Zeynalova has been involved with emerging technologies research and development since 2016. In her work, she is particularly interested in interdisciplinarity, latest technology advancements (DLT, AI in particular) and their application, especially in the socio-economic sector. Maryam has co-authored two patents in banking and written a few academic papers on the blockchain technology. She has served as a Visiting Humanitarian Research Scholar at Fordham University (US).

Maryam had the opportunity to speak and present at various fintech and academic events, such as the World Blockchain Summit and International Blockchain Forum. Maryam has worked with clients all over the world (mainly UK, MENA, China), who she’s helped with technical solutions design and implementation. Maryam is involved in the work of the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (UK) – a social value researching think-tank. She also works as a Blockchain Specialist at IDRAK Technology Transfer (Azerbaijan).

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