Prior to being the Managing Partner of YGC, Henry served as the Chief Investment Officer for Yeoman’s Capital, world’s first family office that invested and incubated in 40+ open-source, decentralized and tokenized projects. Yeoman’s
top projects include Factom, Multicoin Capital, Abacus, NewChip, Polymath and many others who are leading the industry.

Before that, Henry managed over $150m in advertising spend ($450m+ in sales) working @ Facebook & Instagram by advising Clevel executives at top-tier, VC-Backed e-commerce companies in the world.
Henry is a well sought-after keynote speaker and has been invited as a keynote / panel speaker @ SXSW, Milan, Dubai, Estonia, Lithuania, Seoul, Toronto, Brazil, and Ukraine.
YGC is the first Growth Capital fund in the blockchain space working with later stage projects to scale enterprise adoption and user growth.

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