George Schizas is a seasoned Cybersecurity Expert with over a decade’s worth of experience dedicated to elevating organizations’ cybersecurity readiness. His expertise lies in cybersecurity governance, risk management, and compliance, spanning a range of industries including Media, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain, and AI. George adeptly applies his wealth of experience to reinforce cybersecurity measures against evolving threats.

Over his professional journey, George’s contributions to renowned entities like Ford Motor Company, alongside his consulting roles with start-ups and SMEs, have collaboratively cultivated a comprehensive outlook on cybersecurity. His commitment to expanding his technical expertise is exemplified by his involvement into Java and Kotlin coding to delve deeper into securing software development lifecycles. This pursuit culminated in his selection for a Google scholarship, enabling him to successfully complete a comprehensive mobile app development nanodegree.

With a strong belief in merging cybersecurity as an integral part of everyday practices, George’s recent roles have centered around bolstering digital defenses for high-profile European Institutions such as the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Currently, George spearheads cybersecurity operations across the EMEA region for NEP Group.