Fabian Freiter joined the Volkswagen Financial Services AG in 2007. He first started in the IT department by completing a cooperative study program (business administration with major in information management) and then got to work in several IT projects such as the car-sharing pilot “Quicar” or the digitalization of the application and contract processes (leasing and automotive finance products) for the dealerships. Within these projects, Fabian was responsible for a variety of functions in the fields of software development, architecture and even the management of projects.

Since February 2018, he is part of the newly introduced department X (new tech initiative). Within an interdisciplinary team, his responsibility goes from different activities in the topic of distributed ledger technologies from research, testing and technical realization to the development of business models and products. In 2016, Fabian had already gained some experience with the blockchain technology together with the IT Innovation department of Volkswagen Financial Services and had a closer look at the technology as part of a prototype for vehicle leasing (“Renty”). The results of this prototype were strongly promising and from his perspective, the technology has high potentials for the future digital world. Fabian wants to actively shape this world as part of Volkswagen Financial Services.

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