David van Ineveld is a Dutch FX and Crypto trader.

Born in 1985, David studied business administration at the VU in Amsterdam and the University of Notre Dame (USA). After graduating, he worked for a few years for a small investment firm before moving to Ibiza where he lived with his family for almost 6 years and developed the art of trading. In 2019 David returned to the Netherlands where he started to share his experience and knowledge about trading and investing.

David shares his views on twitter and youtube and writes since 2018 for crypto-insiders.nl (Dutch) one of the most-read columns about Bitcoin in The Netherlands. He is a frequent speaker at several investment and cryptocurrency events and hosts technical trading courses at Bitned.eu. He is also one of the main contributers to the premium telegram trading group of Crypto Insiders.

Outside the FX and cryptocurrency space, David is an investment manager at the Amsterdam based investment firm Catena Investments.

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