Cyrille Magnetto is VP Innovation at AXA France, one of the world’s largest global insurers. He leads AXA France’s innovation strategy with his team, focusing on topics such as web3, metaverse, artificial intelligence, digitization, and gamification. His work involves quickly prototyping and jumpstarting innovative solutions and new business models that create value for both businesses and their customers. Since February 2022, Cyrille is also Chief Metaverse Officer, paving the way for AXA to enter the Web3 space. He helped AXA France become the first insurer to enter the metaverse by launching AXADIA in TheSandbox. Coming from a diverse background in natural sciences, computer science, and creative technologies, Cyrille started his career as a software engineer and product manager for the banking sector before joining AXA’s internal consulting firm in 2012. In 2016, he co-founded AXA France’s Innovation Lab. Cyrille also shares his passion for exploring the future through conferences, courses, and workshops in collaboration with schools and entrepreneurship programs.