Blockchain enthusiast and investment advisor


For the first time, Ali Cihan Kestir became aware of blockchain technology in 2013. Ali Cihan’s contributions in the blockchain industry have been outstanding since 2017.


He earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Istanbul Kultur University. With his exceptional engineering expertise from Istanbul Kultur University, he is encouraging important innovation in the realm of cryptography.


Ali Cihan Kestir specializes in developing and managing blockchain-based corporate technology solutions. He is a brilliant cryptocurrency investment strategist.

He was instantly drawn into the realm of digital money, fascinated by its complexities, and has not looked back since.

CEO of Caiz Holding AG

As a bi-product of his technological skills, he explored the crypto sector and progressed to become one of the youngest CEOs of a Blockchain-based company, Caiz Holding AG. Since then, he has become a promoter of secured digital currency, urging people to learn about Blockchain and its financial consequences in the coming time.

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