Your Own Coin
Stand No: 42

Complementary currencies are used for the most diverse purposes worldwide. This has shown that the behavior of people thanks to these systems can be changed for a long time, on a large scale and at a low cost price. Blockchain technology can not only improve the way each industry manages its information and data, not just financial services. Although most people who are familiar with the technology equate Bitcoin, there are opportunities to store the brand items effectively all transaction, customer and supplier data in a transparent, unchanging online ledger. Any relationship that depends on external relationship (third-party) or that requires multiple data sources to meet customer expectations can be improved by blockchain applications. We specialize in designing and delivering platforms using blockchain technology. And are currently launching 4 platforms from July 10th 2018.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact:

Molenstraat 605554 JR Valkenswaard, the Netherlands

+31 40-760 09 20

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