Vehicle ID
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VEHICLE ID is a startup currently working on its technical Proof of Concept. Our vision is to become the One Privacy & Efficiency Backbone for Connected, Individualized Mobility.

Our mission is to safeguard the privacy of users of individualized mobility. We are using cloud enabled and blockchain inspired encryption & anonymisation technologies for individuals to anonymously access, manage and monetize their vehicle related data. As one example a retail automotive customer will be able to securely request an insurance quote on a contracted new vehicle without any automotive OEM, 3rd party other than the insurer or VEHICLE ID itself being able to access any kind of personal data provided.

Our business model is to provide a backbone platform open for all parties in the automotive downstream industry and within connected and individualized mobility value chain: We will ensure data protection, regulation compliance as well as efficient data exchange and payment processes for all players in the automotive value chain. Our aim is to become the hub over which all vehicle related data like vehicle capabilities or ownership/usage/data access rights are exchanged. By establishing a joint standard, and by not taking any data ownership as traditional automotive data vendors do, we provide OEMs, mobility operators like car sharing or fleet management companies within an efficient platform to monetize the data they collect themselves and easily access data provided by other parties in the value chain. As another example this data can include mileage and real world MPG & Co2 figures provided by operators and individual vehicle owners and users.