Free TON

Free TON is the only end-to-end decentralized framework renegotiating the implicit tradeoff between privacy and convenience in modern internet applications. Driven by its distributed global community, Free TON is dedicated to empowering communities to explore, build and develop decentralized applications without compromising personal autonomy in favour of usability. With no ICO or investors, Free TON is open source to its core and 100 percent focused on creating value by providing developers with a set of free software tools to build groundbreaking decentralized applications that feel and perform like centralized ones. Its trustless economy and on-chain storage, on-demand scalable architecture and global community is the prime ecosystem for future-thinking entrepreneurial development.

Free TON’s dynamically multithreaded, sharded blockchain architecture can scale to an internet-level system by leveraging its on-demand scalability and consensus mechanisms to support a trustless, world-wide operating system well suited for mass ¬†adoption.

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