Stand No: 248

Build Decentralized Software in Plain English with the Sparkster platform.

The Sparkster platform is all about empowering people to build full-blown software in plain English. Using simple drag and drop functionality, we’re opening up the world of coding and software development to people who want to turn great ideas into flourishing businesses. We have made software development accessible to the 99% who cannot code. Our mission is to include people, not exclude them.

Now, we’re decentralising our revolutionary platform by building the world’s cheapest, fastest, scalable and most democratic Decentralized Cloud. How? Miners earn tokens for running small software components on their mobile phones, replacing the need for cloud computing, while lowering costs.

We are disrupting the $200 Billion Cloud Computing industry with the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. An extreme throughput, decentralized blockchain designed specifically for executing software.

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