Stand No: 385

SocialBlox is a social media platform, based in the Netherlands.The use of blockchain technology enables SocialBlox to bring new features to social media. One of these features is challenging other users, and it will revolutionize social media as we know it.


Users can challenge one another on the platform to create unique content. The challenged user will earn SocialBlox tokens (SBLX) after fulfilling the challenge. Smart contracts solve the concerns regarding conditional transactions.

Users can have a lot of fun fulfilling these challenges. It can be as simple as a game of FIFA on your PlayStation. For example, I can challenge you on a live stream for 1,000 SBLX to win a game with Watford against Manchester City. If you win, the smart contract will be executed and you’ll earn 1,000 SBLX into your built-in wallet.


SocialBlox aims to give back as many privacy settings as possible to its users. Whatever users do outside the application will never be tracked.

Reversed advertisement model

Users will be able to go for the standard ‘ad-free’ app or earn SBLX tokens if they go with the ‘ad-mode’. If the user decides to go for ad-mode, they choose which kind of advertisements will be shown. For example, indicate that you only want advertisements about cars as a car enthusiast. No problem. You will receive an amount of SBLX tokens for every advertisement you see.