PLC Ultima
Stand No: 515

PLC Ultima is a global infrastructure project that combines innovative blockchain technology with classic business models. PLCU provides free access to financial tools for people around the world, serves as a bridge between business and the crypto-world, and offers unique solutions for both ordinary users and entrepreneurs.

The capitalisation of PLC Ultima already exceeds $2 billion, and the value of a single PLCU coin is more than $30,000. All this indicates a high demand for PLC Ultima coins. In addition to its cryptocurrency, the project offers more than ten related products that allow the use of PLCU in everyday life. For example, you can already use PLCUs to buy real estate, cars, and everyday goods worldwide.

PLC Ultima’s infrastructure includes its marketplace PlatinDeal, crowdfunding platform Platin Hero, several applications and minting farms, various wallets for instant transfers and coin storage, and its own cryptocurrency card, which operates in over 100 countries worldwide.

With its headquarters in Cyprus, PLC Ultima has already opened offices worldwide, with the total number of community users exceeding one million.