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Investment for the digital generation

Own is pioneering a new way for businesses to raise capital online, attract new investors and nurture them for life.

We use cutting-edge digital asset technology to make fundraising simpler and cheaper than ever before, to help companies of all sizes reach their next level.

Raise capital quickly and affordably

It takes just 4-10 weeks to launch an offer, with none of the cost and complexities associated with IPOs and private fundraising models.

Our solution uses secure blockchain technology to offer instant liquidity, with no lock-up and settlement periods – so business have immediate access to new resources.

Engage new investors

We’re focused on bringing in fresh energy; Millennial investors who want instant, digital connections to exciting new investment opportunities.

Our technology lowers the entry barrier, fractionalising previously unbreakable assets like bonds, funds and high value shares to democratise investment.

Build valuable, long-lasting relationships

Far more than a one-off fundraising platform, Own helps companies turn investors into customers.

Our software includes essential CRM tools to communicate with investors, manage their data securely and run all engagement – from marketing to voting – centrally online.

Enterprise experience, start-up energy

We’ve lived in the corporate world and seen what doesn’t work – and brought in the best technical talents to create something that does.

From out-of-the-box solutions for SMEs to bespoke consultations for market operators, we enable all sizes of business to unlock growth opportunities through a single, global platform.

And we give young, ambitious investors access to equity in the hottest emerging brands, with strong regulatory and legal backing.

It’s investment for the digital generation – and we’re Owning the market.

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