Music World Cup

For the first time since FIFA started in 1904 and the Olympics in 1896 MUSIC WORLD CUP® is the world’s first and only global music competition where over 200 countries can be represented and compete on the same platform for a place in the LIVE finals.

MUSIC WORLD CUP® is a blockchain driven, next generation online social platform where musicians can upload their performances and fans can listen, engage, like and vote for their favorite artists online.

Empowered by data, analytics and AI, we champion and harness local talent in every country, and every genre, by accelerating discovery at a scale and speed never realized before, where anyone can get involved, starting online, and culminating in one of the biggest live music competitions the world has ever seen, a journey of courage, defined by musicians passions, going where the music industry has never gone before.

We are taking on the responsibility of something important and meaningful, MUSIC WORLD CUP® is the absolute source of emotion, empowerment, hope, inspiration, and approval for artists, unswayed in their resolute to follow their heart and fulfill their dreams. An unwavering symbol of trust and transparency, the supreme voice and enabler for artists to manage their own destiny.

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