Linum Labs

Linum Labs is a Blockchain production studio with a focus on consulting, human capital development, community aggregation and digital asset investments. We strive to be at the forefront of Blockchain thought leadership and development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe with our HQ located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Linum has a strong background in consulting, cryptography, rocket-science and venture capital. Our team has worked on projects in Switzerland, Silicon Valley, South-East Asia and the UK.

While being Blockchain agnostic in our development approach and utilizing both public, private and sidechain solutions, we specifically have strong capabilities with the Ethereum platform, with which we are also currently offering training to our corporate clients. Our training range from beginners Ethereum training through to business development understanding for CEO’s and the more advanced technical training for developers.

Besides assisting corporate entities with Blockchain solutions and developing our own products, we host the Ethereum Meetups in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Prague and Dubai – as well as participate in hackathons, organize community- and industry specific events and engage with incubators and universities.

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