Stand No: 468

Kinect is proud to launch a ground-breaking new medical health system that will address life expectancies in third world countries and quality of life for people living with diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and infant malnutrition. Healthcare systems in undeveloped countries are often let down by paper trails, poor funding or misappropriation of funds –the innovative new Kinect system will meet these issues head on, while incurring no additional cost to the end user. We are currently working on plans to see Kinect introduced to countries like Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroon and Ethiopia, and that is just the start! The Kinect business model brings together the precision of blockchain technology, on a neo ontology platform. We believe in securely recording and transferring data with the scope of ‘big data’ value for our stakeholders. We have spent the past three years aligning with international government organizations, aid organizations, and humanitarian charities. Plus we have assembled a team of advisors, blockchain developers, healthcare experts and IC consultants to bring to life. Kinect will be releasing an ICO in September 2018 so watch this space!

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