Keystone Currency
Stand No: 148

Keystone Currency merges blockchain technology with sustainable development. Our aim is to redefine the concept of living in the 21st Century, using emergent technologies and proven methods of eco-friendly living.

With a custom-built blockchain that allows users to store data through data segments, and a unique log-in system that is both secure and accessible, we believe Keystone meets all of our criteria for being a currency that is both secure and practical for everyday use.

Users will be able to purchase Keystone (KEYS) directly from the Keystone Exchange, which is completely owned and operated by Keystone Currency Inc. Keystone Currency will also be available on third-party exchanges.

Keystone Currency is the sole currency used within the La Tortuga Community, which is an ongoing development project in Sonora, Mexico. With the support of the local, state, and federal government, and numerous professionals across several industries, La Tortuga is Keystone Currency’s ultimate use-case, and will set the standard for high-tech sustainability.

Keystone’s leadership collectively brings over 40 years experience in product development, marketing, consulting and software engineering. We are a diverse, international group working day and night for a brighter, cleaner future.

You can find out more at Thank you.

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