Jelurida B.V. creates open source blockchain solutions.

Our flagship product, Nxt, pioneered many advances in blockchain applications. Building on top of that,  we are now developing the Ardor Blockchain Platform.

Jelurida sells licenses for private blockchains based on the Nxt and Ardor software, makes customized commercial versions of these blockchain platforms, and provides consulting services for customers licensing its software.

Using a dual-license business model, Jelurida continues to support and maintain the decentralized public blockchains, and releases the Nxt software under the GPLv2 license. Our team is dedicated to the success of the Nxt and Ardor public blockchains, and is committed to never support or endorse competing clones or projects that are against the interests of Nxt, Ardor, and Ignis token holders. With the upcoming blockchain-as-a-service Ardor platform supporting multiple child chains with independent token market value, Jelurida will be exploring new ways to create a synergistic business and licensing model that benefits both the public blockchain participants, and Jelurida as a private business.

Contact us at: info@jelurida.com

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