IT Legals (Amlexa)
Stand No: 235

IT Legals Ltd (ITL) is one of the largest anti-money laundering compliance consultancies and a leading provider of AML/CFT regulatory compliance products and solutions for the cryptocurrency, gaming, financial and professional sectors. ITL specializes in “Anti-Money Laundering (AML)” and “Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)” web applications and due diligence back-office services for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies industry. IT Legals operates worldwide, employing an international team of AML/CFT compliance lawyers and experts.
The ITL’s mission is to help clients achieve their AML/CFT/KYC compliance goals by providing high quality regulatory compliance services and an innovative cloud-based technology platform for remote customer due diligence, referred to as “AMLEXA”. ITL’s AMLEXA, is the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for the “Remote Customer Due Diligence”, that automates Identification, Verification, Risk Assessment and On-going Monitoring.
The AMLEXA artificial intelligence algorithm automatically recognizes the suspicious behavior and activities and provide an AML/CFT risk profile of the customer, which allows, in real time, to determine whether to accept or refuse the business relationship.

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