Integrated Green Energy Solutions
Stand No: 215

IGES is a progressive technology company that believes all problems, including challenging ones, can be solved with the creative use of social impact capitalism. Our cornerstone technology takes end-of-life plastics and converts it to ROAD-READY FUEL. The fuel we produce meets the International Standard-EN590 and can go straight into cars and trucks. This is done by utilising our patented technology blended with long established technologies and systems to ensure every batch of end-of-life plastic produces road ready fuel.

That is, we take an item with a zero or negative value and make a valuable commodity. Our technology and systems will have a positive environmental effect in all areas as we reduce the amount of plastic being dumped into our lands and oceans and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels via crude oil extraction.

By providing a commercial solution to an environmental problem, we can create circular economic platforms which incentive and focus people and communities towards solutions. Our ethos and overarching purpose is to Create a Cleaner Plant for the Next Generation! Our Vision is a world in which no plastics pollute the planet and where renewable energy sources are maximized. It is a world in which commerce, governments, families and environmentalists live in harmony and work towards the common goal of building a sustainable system of environmental protection that supports our current life-styles and benefits us all. We are dedicated to enhancing our current technologies and to establishing new technologies which support our ethos.

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