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Impereum is the virtual money that will connect the bridge between luxurious living and crypto-currency as a form of payment except it will be safer, decentralize and faster, all in one compare to any other modes of payment transaction. Based on the algorithm that is strongly relies the roots of bitcoin but eliminating the existing problems that bitcoin cannot resolved due to its lack of versatility and the needs of its followers like the comprehensive payment gateways, and Impereum will provide a marketing strategy.

Luxury lifestyle industry is a trillion dollar (USD) market. While crypto-users are more privacy-conscious than your average user, while luxury merchants need more targeting data than your average marketer to market their goods.

Impereum will operate essentially as a tool for marketing and engagement as well as payment. Drawing on decades of experience in the luxury industry of its founders and advisors, Impereum creates a wholly new platform that is decentralized, and integrates encryption, smart contracts and payment gateways that empowers crypto-users to enjoy access to a rich offering of luxury products and services in complete privacy, enables merchants to target market customers, and to engage with possible customers without 3rd party middlemen, yet still without infringing on user ‘s privacy.

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