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Humanscape is a blockchain based patient network, for those with rare and incurable diseases. We allow 350 million people around the world who suffer from rare diseases to track their health with ironclad security, while being paid to search for treatments and cures together.

More than 350 million patients around the world are suffering from rare and incurable diseases. There are also 1.7 million people who die prematurely each year of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and chronic pain. Due to lack of proper medication and treatments, they have to suffer their entire lives in pain and carry financial burden, which is mainly derived from astronomical medical costs.

With Humanscape patients suffering from rare and incurable diseases can track their symptoms, side effects and progress. All of this sensitive medical information is securely stored and immutably backed up on the blockchain. Pharma companies searching for treatments can reward patients for anonymously sharing their data, with Humanscape’s tokens, which can be used to buy health foods, supplements and medical devices, or cashed in for currency.

Humanscape also provides a community where patients can give and receive emotional support, making the platform far more valuable and long-lasting than a mere database.

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