Stand No: 152

Fibonatix is a Payment Services Provider (PSP) focusing mainly on online and internet-based businesses. Our approach towards payments is that of extreme devotion and respect for our industry and for our clients, this is exemplified by our ongoing pursuit of what’s best for our clients, a perfection in payments. For us perfection is a way of life, a continual pursuit to shed conceptions such as “almost”​, “passable”​, and “OK”​. For us there is no middle ground, no “nearly”​ or “just quite”​, we see the world as either black or white, 0 or 1, we will never settle for or be satisfied by anything less than perfect. Established in 2013 as a consultancy specializing in payment-related issues, we quickly came to realize that our clients would like to receive full turnkey solutions to their payment-related needs, and we began upgrading our ability to provide such a service. Fibonatix today offers the following services: – Credit/Debit Card processing for all major card schemes. – Alternative Payment Methods including: e-Cash, Real-time bank transfers, e-Wallets, etc. – Offline Payment services such as: local bank wire transfers. – Consultancy services for payment and general business related issues.

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