Stand No: 370

Exaion, cloud provider of blockchain solutions and high performance computing

Through our “Blockchain As a Service” offer, we provide the blockchain platform so you can roll out your projects faster in complete security.

Choose your blockchain protocol, and we will provide the computing and network infrastructure needed for your smart contract.

Our commitments :

  • A 100% French cloud : all our assets are based in France. Your data will be hosted in EDF Group’s data centers
  • An environmentally responsible offer : EDF’s data centersare ISO-50001 certified; this continuous improvement loop guarantees optimal energy use. The data centers are provided with low-carbon electricity to reduce the environmental impact
  • A tailor-made service : our expertise and know-how is combined with the agility and flexibility a structure working in startup mode and the infrastructure robustness and reliability of a large corporation like EDF (data center management, data security, etc.). We adapt our services to your needs.