Stand No: Food truck

Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain platform. Powered by the EOSIO protocol, it is managed and governed by experienced block producers registered in the European Union. Europechain brings together an ecosystem of technology providers, system integrators and commercial partners, enabling global enterprises to deploy scalable, resilient and EU compliant applications.

On the RAI Blockchain Coffee corner we will be showing the following applications:

– Europechain FACT. A blockchain powered mobile app to capture compliance events for all organizations that have a license to operate. From hospitals to chemical factories or even restaurants can benefit from immutable proving activities where done, that all process requirements and steps where taken and incidents documented on-chain.

– WordProof brings the value of the blockchain to the WordPress community in a user friendly way. Proof authenticity and integrity with the time stamp plugin. Comply with terms & conditions and privacy laws. Ownership & Transparency = Trust.

– Europechain decentralised WordPress hosting provides cryptographic secure webhosting.

– GDPR compliant EOSIO smart contract platform.


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