Stand No: 522

Taking the best practices of existing exchanges and eliminating bad practices, the ETERBASE team is developing a trading platform that addresses the issues currently facing first-wave exchanges such as lack of regulatory compliance, poor UX/UI, slow trading speeds, and scalability problems.

ETERBASE complies with all current financial regulations like KYC, AML, CTF, and GDPR, the same as large financial institutions, and it has been developed to facilitate the needs of beginner and professional traders alike. Every detail of their professional dashboard, including multiple portfolios, social trading, and portfolio performance figures, has been designed to put powerful, institution-grade tools at the fingertips of every user.

With massive scalability, ETERBASE’s trading engine has been designed to be fast and robust enough to meet the demands of modern traders, and unlike other exchanges, ETERBASE offers a membership program that is accessed by holding membership tokens. Each membership tier offers different benefits including negative trading fees, up to 5,000 trade requests per minute, up to 100 sub-accounts, direct market access, and 24/7 human-centric customer support, among others.

By addressing the failures of first-wave exchanges, ETERBASE is setting a new gold standard in digital asset trading.

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