Stand No: 292

Em@ney plc, Licensed in Malta, is authorised by the MFSA in 2013.

The Financial Institution with an extended portfolio owns all the opportunities and permissions in accordance with the European Community.

Em@ney relies on a proven decade of experience in management in the world of electronic money, issuance of online current accounts and issuance of rechargeable credit card.

Em@ney issues and acquires electronic money, builds innovative tools for payments and creates networks between the biggest european players, the networks and the points of sale.

Em@ney is also devoted to compliance and AML with its new brach EMFinancial Investigation, dedicated to risk management and compliance check with international partners.



* Personal Account

* Business Account

* Internet Banking

* Payment Gateway

* Em@ney Cards

* Em@ney Mastercard®

* Electronic Bank Cheque

* UpBanking

* Sales Point

* Massive Payments

* Compliance Check for AML

* EM Financial Investigation

* APIs for Developers


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