Stand No: 265 vision : we consider cryptocurrency as a new perspective type of collateral that can change and develop the market of secured loans tremendously. Cryptocurrency can capture the role that previously has been given to common accepted types of assets – real property, vehicles and securities, the role of a new kind of collateral. It is difficult to overvalue the importance of this shift in the lending practices and technologies as it supports the growth of the crypto world beyond the economic limitations of simply buying and liquidating assets, providing individuals with increased purchasing power given by crypto-backed loans and great potential for crypto assets profitable applications. mission: we deliver financial services platform for crypto owners. premiere service is fiat loans backed by crypto collateral. The Project aims to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto worlds by bringing together cryptocurrency holders and institutional investors/family offices into a single lending network that provides financial services to crypto holders by the way of credit, investment and asset management, exchange, transfers and mutual settlements. The platform is based on the ERC20 standard, smart contracts technology supported. is a part of the Sauber Group – consortium of companies working in services, financial and fintech industries: Sauber Bank, Microfinance company “Dengi Budut!”, Leningradsky pawn shop network, Information and Communication Systems Ltd (“SIIS”). The core team of the project consists of professionals and experts with more than 10 years experience in Fintech Industry and software development.

MVP has been launched on 08th April 2018 within BCT21, Seoul, South Korea.

eCoinomic is currently at the ICO stage until the 1st August.

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