Stand No: 528

DigiCorp is here to deliver the DigiMetaverse: a blueprint for the inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow.
Our mission is to build a collaborative, transparent future full of decentralized solutions from which communities, businesses and institutions across the world can benefit.

DigiThree Labs, the enterprise arm of DigiCorp Labs, offers a suite of cloud-based enterprise solutions to help businesses accelerate seamless digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes, and use blockchain to secure and improve processes.

Web 3 / Metaverse environments need edge-based computing power (CPU and GPU) to ‘render’ the immersive worlds and galaxies that lie within. Decentralized, scalable cloud storage and computing power is the critical success factor for these new experiences and corporate applications. To secure identities, we need passwordless authentication, self-sovereign identities and immutable ledgers based on universal blockchain technology to guarantee trustless, compliant platforms and Web 3-based infrastructures.

Visit www.digicorplabs.com and www.digithreelabs.com for more information.