What? DigiCorp is here to deliver the DigiMetaverse: a blueprint for the inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow. Our mission is to build a collaborative, transparent future full of decentralized solutions from which communities, businesses and institutions across the world can benefit. 

Our three elements – DigiThree, DigiLife and DigiWare & DigiAcademy – allow us to focus on the diverse needs of enterprises, consumers and developers, bringing bespoke solutions designed to protect and elevate each audience into the digital future.                                 

DigiCorp is building an interoperable foundational layer for the metaverse, with quantum secure, decentralized and blockchain secured solutions, together with  our Layer-2 protocol – ‘The DigiMetaverse Smart Layer’ – built on top of the DigiByte Blockchain.                                                                  

DigiThree offers a suite of cloud-based enterprise solutions to help businesses accelerate seamless digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes, and use blockchain to secure and improve processes.

DigiLife is a consumer- and brand-focused ecosystem, providing a secure, accessible home for digital assets. With a wallet that integrates seamlessly with the DigiCorp ecosystem, DigiLife is the most reliable way for brands and consumers to protect data and unlock the potential of NFTs.

DigiWare is a range of high-availability tools for core development and application development and seamless integration; DigiAcademy is an online training platform featuring leading institutions.

Why? We were founded on the belief that a safe, secure, decentralized world should be achievable and accessible for all. We can see how digital lives are becoming more significant, and have decided to act now – bringing this opportunity for freedom and security to life for the people who need it most.

Who? We’re a team of blockchain experts, tech leaders and market specialists, here to give people back control over their identities, data and digital lives. Among our core team and advisors are some of the pioneers of DigiByte and ThreeFold – open-source technologies that form a founding layer of the DigiCorp services. 


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