Celsius is a member organization which connect borrowers and lenders in the Cryptocurency space. Celsius enables 4 types of loans on it’s platform:
• Members can choose to lend any cryptocurrencies they own and earn up to 7% return.
• Members can borrow cryptocurrencies in a secure and transparent manner to lock in profits, defer taxes or hedge.
• The platform will enable millennials to establish a digital credit score and be issued a credit line; the credit can then be accessed by a sponsored credit card from Celsius.
• Celsius will allow lending members to borrow dollars against their own cryptocurrency asset holdings they have with Celsius. The extended credit can be easily accessed through several options and can help avoid selling coins. It also serves to defer taxes.
• To safeguard the platform’s ecosystem, both lenders and borrowers on Celsius are verified and carefully selected to prevent fraud. Celsius guarantees members get their coins back.


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