Budbo is a suite of cannabis industry solutions powered by blockchain.  The Budbo Mobile App, the company’s flagship product, has an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and was specifically designed to help patients and recreational users discover new locally available cannabis products.  Using the Budbo Token(Token Symbol: BUBO, https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/budbo) as its universal API key, ancillary cannabis industry services, such as testing labs and facilities, are given access to store sensitive data on Budbo’s immutable ledger.  Budbo’s matching AI algorithm uses the latest research and results to weed through(pardon the pun) lab verified THC, CBD, and Terpene profiles to recommend patients and recreational users the very best available products for what they may need or want. A shifting focus has been placed on Terpene profiles, at the very cutting edge of cannabis research.  Budbo’s other main products include blockchain and token powered telematic software and hardware solutions focused on fleet management specifically designed for the cannabis industry.  These solutions offer growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries the ability and visibility to track in real time the pick up, handling, and delivery of their precious and heavily regulated cargo.