Biteum which is identified by BTM Token, develops and implements leading social trading solutions in Cryptocurrencies systems and more advanced technologies of its kind in the International global market, on the basis of Trading Integration Platform.

Biteum’s Token BTM will introduce a new cryptocurrencies exchanges and trading innovation architecture that will act as the backbone of local and global economies providing security, liquidity and transparency, reserve value and benefit to new generation social trading community.The company’s revolutionary uniqueness cryptocurrency platform has a high-quality standard in global area stage enabling trader’s cryptocurrencies exchange, Margin Trading, Social trading, Trading by copying, Trading Guru Expert and Machine Learning Generic Services.

As one of the pioneers of crypto web-based exchanges, Biteum by BTM Token, launches of one the most advanced trading platforms in the world, combines wisdom of social trading with a platform that enables secure trading, high and stable technology, multiple trading methods in one unified platform, low cost fees and facilitation to the traders public, and use of the services of next – generation exchange and trading system through the machine learning generic service.

We strive to develop a peer to peer, exchange and trading platform for cryptocurrencies, with various unique features such as machine learning, guru trading, copy trading and social trading.

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