Österreichische Post AG
Stand No: 449

About Österreichische Post AG

With annual turnover of around €2.5 bn and more than 27,000 employees, Österreichische Post AG is Austria’s leading logistics and postal service provider. One of the company’s main business areas is delivering letters, advertising mail, print media and parcels. With about 1,800 branches, the branch network of Austrian Post is one of the largest private customer networks in the country and offers products and services in the areas of postal, telecommunications and financial services through bank99. Austrian Post is active in a total of eleven European countries through its subsidiaries.

As the country’s largest logistics company, Austrian Post embraces its responsibility to promote climate and environmental protection by focusing on sustainability. Since 2011, Austrian Post has made the delivery of all its mail items in Austria CO2-neutral; by 2030, delivery will even be completely CO2-free and realised purely with e-vehicles or alternative drive systems.

On 11 June 2019, Austrian Post issued the world’s first blockchain stamp. For the first time, a seemingly traditional product – the postage stamp – managed to harness the highly complex technology of the blockchain. With a print run of 150,000, Crypto stamp 1.0 not only sold out within a very short time, but was also a worldwide sensation. Alongside access to their virtual collection, buyers receive a real, sticky stamp that can be used to send letters and parcels. The Crypto stamp can be purchased both physically at branches of Austrian Post and with cryptocurrency. Since the first version in 2019, Austrian Post has released further editions of the Crypto stamp every year with new technical features and in exclusive variants – such as the strictly limited Gold Editions with 1 gram of gold bullion and a nominal value of 500 euros.