Stand No: 135

Aurora makes a breakthrough in the Blockchain world. By applying DPOS+BFT consensus mechanisms, we create lightning-fast contracts to link industries such as gaming, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT. Aurora offers unique intelligent application isolation, enabling multi-chain parallel expansion and an unlimited increase of TPS with guaranteed security.Aurora’s slogan is to create a bright and colorful blockchain world.

Aurora’s Technology Features:

DPOS+BFT Consensus Mechanisms: On the basis of fast consensus, risks of forking will be contained in minimum level.

P2P Stereo-net: Through network lamination, faster and safe communications could be realized.

Intelligent Isolation of Applications: The pending zone is capable of intelligent control, making sure that applications won’t affect each other.

Multi-asset Launching: Asset launching process is simplified. Process speed and capability of expansion with the similar grade as main chain tokens are available.

Multi-chain Parelle Operation: By the means of horizontal expansion, multi-chain parallel processing can be realized with unlimited increase of TPS.

Upgradable Blockchain: With Blockchain underlying codes stored in the chain, with consensus recognition, automatic upgrading with designated height could be realized.

Cluster Grouping: Certain nodes can form up a cluster group spontaneously. With groups participating in transaction verification and storage, users’ storage costs are brought down.

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