Stand No: 301

AiStrat dedicated to advancing AI quantification technology, empowering clients with reliable trading solutions, and actively exploring opportunities in the Web3. The company specializes in AI research and the development of quantification trading technologies. Their flagship AI quantification technology product is called W1SE, which has gained a solid reputation in the industry. Over the years, AiStrat has offered the W1SE technology as a white-label solution to investment firms, exchanges, and various cryptocurrency projects.

As a pioneer in the field of AI quantification technology, AiStrat is committed to providing high-quality solutions. One of their core businesses is offering white-label leasing of the W1SE technology, providing language communication and market analysis services to other AI companies. By licensing their technology and expertise to partners, AiStrat helps these companies gain a competitive advantage in the AI quantification field.

AiStrat has a highly specialized and innovative team that drives the development and application of AI quantification technology. Their team possesses extensive experience and expertise in algorithm development, data analysis, and market research. By combining the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology with insights into the financial market, AiStrat provides reliable quantified trading solutions to clients, helping them achieve better investment returns.