Genius Estates

“Meet Genius Estates. The market place where you can buy shares on the blockchain in the form of tokens and are available for purchase with a minimum investment of only €1,000. We are raising €11,711,700 to build 26 amazing properties in the Donabate village near Dublin.

As an investor in GEDUN tokens, you become an owner of the property portfolio managed by an experienced team of real estate professionals. The estimated annual yield is 4.91%, but the first 10% of tokens are sold at discounts that raise returns to 5.44% or even 6.03%. These figures take into account only rental payments, not underlying property appreciation.

The offering is registered with Estonia Financial Supervision Authority to provide higher protection to investors. After six months, you will be able to sell tokens back to the company or sell them privately on a secondary market. With Genius Estate, you can earn additionally up to 4% in EUR and 4% in tokens by participating in the Affiliate Programme.

Don’t miss the fantastic investment opportunity you’ve been waiting for!”