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What We Do


Copyrobo is a technology company that helps you secure your copyright anywhere in the world with Blockchain Timestamp and New EU (eIDAS, 2016) regulated Qualified Timestamp in less than 60 seconds.


We offer individuals and companies a variety of easy-to-apply copyright solutions (mobile and web) at affordable prices. We also offer a customizable solution for sharing your copyright information with the world–to deter infringement and encourage licensing.


Copyrobo’s solutions are compatible with all evolving worldwide laws, rules and regulation that govern copyright protection. Copyright rules differ around the world, with special rules applying to the European Union and other countries. We have you covered no matter your need.


What We Value


We value your privacy. Your original work and timestamp evidence is deleted from our system after we send it to you. We empower you to manage your copyrights the way you want while retaining the least amount of data necessary.


Who We Are


We believe creative people should be able to share their work without fear of theft or infringement. Our Vietnamese high-tech company is committed to ensuring your right to protect and share your creative work worry free.


Specialties: Intellectual Property, Copyright, Blockchain, Bitcoin, eIDAS, Qualified Timestamp


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Industry                    : Information Technology and Services


Type                          : Partnership


Company Size         : 11-50 employees


Founded                   : 2014



About Us: Copyrobo is a Vietnam based start-up that has created a new generation copyright protection that stops copyright infringement before it happens, fosters the free flow of creative products, and ensures legal compliance throughout Europe, United States and Turkey. “We have come a long way since inception with our globally recognized copyright protection app. We are currently expanding the coverage areas and aim to offer protection in every country in the World.