Day 1

1 June 2017

Blockchain Technologies & Development – Day 1

There has been a flurry of new start ups, announcements, new user cases, and applications being developed using blockchain technology. Research provides strong evidence that blockchain technology could transform existing business models and invent new forms of business in a profound way. The Blockchain technologies track examines key challenges for developers building these initiatives, you will also hear from a number of innovative Blockchain start ups, their business cases, and case studies, and be able to see how to partner with a number of emerging technology players to forward your Blockchain services. According to Markets and Markets, the global blockchain technology market is expected to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021. In this session, leading venture capitalists and investors will examine the emerging blockchain technology landscape and why there is so much attention around the sector. The blockchain technologies track look at how Blockchain companies are creating disruptive solutions to real world problems.    


Introduction: Why blockchain is the beginning of new commerce and why conventional operating models don’t work.

Nick is an author, writer and speaker about all things Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Has been in tech 40 years and seen tech waves come and go. A veteran of 8 start ups and served in senior roles at CSC, Getronics, CapGemini and Xchanging he is writing a book on Blockchain  Implementation Strategies and in the past 3 years created a Self Service Fintech Pension Platform.


Panel : How can developers make the most of the blockchain opportunity?

  • Examining open source blockchain development
  • How to develop scalable solutions
  • Building in security around regulatory compliance and accountability
  • Leverage existing codebases, workflows, and development ecosystems
  • Getting started with a highly scalable Ethereum compliant blockchain


Keynote: Building frameworks and new services for running blockchain networks in the Cloud

  • How blockchain can help cloud with accountability, reliability, compliance, security, verifiability, auditability & acceptance of liability


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BLOCKEX: Digital Asset Exchange Platform

The BlockEx (Digital Asset Exchange Platform) DAxP is digital asset creation, issuance and trading platform. With toolkits for asset creation servicing, trade settlement, permissioned trading and automated reporting.

BlockEx Labs works with trading firms, institutions and governments providing managed services for its toolkits as well as bespoke blockchain implementations and Proof of Concepts.



Monax is an ecosystem application platform using permissioned distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.


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Panel: Blockchain from the investor’s perspective: A VC view of the marketplace

According to Markets and Markets, the global blockchain technology market is expected to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021. In this session, leading venture capitalists and investors will examine the emerging blockchain technology landscape and why there is so much attention around the sector.

  • The opportunities for blockchain from an investor and VC viewpoint
  • What are the advantages of blockchain to investors when compared to other emerging technologies?
  • What criteria are VC’s looking for to invest in blockchain start-ups



London Ethereum Meet Up


  • Examining the latest in Ethereum design, upcoming technical developments and applications in private systems
  • Exploring Ethereum as a guide for new ways of thinking about distributed systems, as well as a prototyping and simulation platform


Close of Conference

Day 2

2 June 2017

Blockchain Technologies & Development – Day 2



Panel: How to Build a blockchain Fintech startup?

  • Understanding the critical role investment plays in building you’re blockchain start up
  • The strategy behind building and guiding the development of ecosystems
  • Creating disruptive solutions to real world problems using blockchain

Disruptors in Fintech – we examine the latest in a range of blockchain start ups, and their perspective on the marketplace



MONI creates smart, personal banking tools for everyone, everywhere. Our simple, low-cost banking tools make it easier for people to pay securely for their purchases, offline or online, send money to friends, receive money, get loans, withdraw cash, and have mobile access to their MONI account.



Cashaa is a P2P marketplace powered by the Blockchain to transfer cash anywhere in the world. Cashaa’s model is based on connecting individuals who wish to send and receive money anywhere in the world, with cryptocurrency traders/network who accept the physical cash from the sender in one location and give it to the receiver in another location in exchange of selling and buying their cryptocurrencies. The money transfer requests are selected and matched through a live bidding process from cryptocurrency trader. There is no fee charged to the cash sender or to the receiver and all transfers are based on real exchange rates, without any tricks or hidden fees. Simply 0% fee.



Wirex — the new and improved hybrid personal banking solution. We are the first company to combine the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency — all in one account. We offer secure bitcoin wallets linked to Visa and MasterCard debit cards, supported by online and mobile applications.

At Wirex, we believe that it is time to change the outdated, expensive and often frustrating financial infrastructure. We have succeeded in integrating the best peer-to-peer transfer and global payments technologies — so simple, our service works with just a few clicks. We’ve worked hard to enhance security, protect privacy, and improve customer experience, so you can enjoy unrivalled remittance and personal banking services.

At Wirex, we are constantly innovating and improving our products and services to suit your needs. Let us drive your money to the future of banking.


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