ClearKarma was first created with the purpose to educate and empower consumers to make safer food choices. Our solution makes it easy to change your eating habits. This will also be supported by the ClearKarma community which is building and sharing knowledge about food safety and sustainability. We are a dedicated senior team of international experts to serve our vision of food

Vehicle ID

VEHICLE ID is a startup currently working on its technical Proof of Concept. Our vision is to become the One Privacy & Efficiency Backbone for Connected, Individualized Mobility. Our mission is to safeguard the privacy of users of individualized mobility. We are using cloud enabled and blockchain inspired encryption & anonymisation technologies for individuals to anonymously access, manage and monetize their vehicle

Satoshi school


BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications with a scalable blockchain database, supporting a wide range of industries and use cases.


Publicism, a Dutch social enterprise established earlier this year, wants to leverage the potential of blockchain technology to guarantee press freedom. Publicism is an initiative of three Dutch media veterans: Pieter Haasnoot, Annemieke Teune and John Oliveira. Concerned by the decline of press freedom around the globe, the team believes blockchain technology could be part of a solution to reverse this trend.


Gospel is a fix-forward technology that connects all digital assets to a common fabric of trust creating a real time world state. This fabric of trust is built for digital scale transactions and architecture – beyond the capability of legacy technology and human comprehension. This Enterprise Trust Fabric is based on a private, permissioned blockchain that has been engineered and enhanced by


Air is your “Work Network”: a new open source P2P network for users to certify their identity, build their reputation, and exchange products and services directly among themselves without intermediaries, fees, or restrictions! https://air.life/


Slock.it brings the benefits of the Blockchain – transparency, security and auditability – to real-world objects. Our technology can be embedded in almost any device and the first prototypes are already in the hands of developers. https://slock.it/


BLOCKEX: Digital Asset Exchange Platform The BlockEx (Digital Asset Exchange Platform) DAxP is digital asset creation, issuance and trading platform. With toolkits for asset creation servicing, trade settlement, permissioned trading and automated reporting. BlockEx Labs works with trading firms, institutions and governments providing managed services for its toolkits as well as bespoke blockchain implementations and Proof of Concepts.